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Bungees & Cord

For load securement and tie down, bungee cords are an indispensable tool. While not used for heavy-duty purposes, they are great for securing straps, balancing loads and restraining lightweight items.

We offer tarp straps made from natural rubber, which makes them best suited for cold weather climates, common in many parts of the country (including here in the Pacific Northwest). Tarp straps and strong and sturdy, and work great for their intended purpose, but be careful not to overload them--they do not have assigned Working Load Limits or Breaking Strengths. Crimped "S" hooks come standard.

We also offer bulk cord, including rubber rope and shock cord. You can pair 3/8" Rubber Rope with our Rubber Rope Hooks, and just like that you create a bungee of any length you desire. We also offer shock cord, which is similar to rubber rope, but has a fibrous jacket for abrasion protection. Both rubber rope and shock cord are available by the foot, or in bulk spool lengths.