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Winches & Straps

Winch straps are one of the most commonly-used cargo control products on the market. Unlike ratchet straps, they have no built-in or included ratcheting device. Rather, they pass through a winch that is typically welded or bolted to the side of trailer frame. The winch provides the ratcheting function while the large strap hugs the load until sufficiently tight.

Available with a variety of fittings, these 4" winch straps have a heavy-duty minimum Working Load Limit of 5000 lbs. And if you need flat hook or v-ring straps, you can buy just one full box quantity (typically 10 pcs) and save 10%!

We also offer several different winch models, ideal for use with 4" winch straps or cable, depending on model--all models are DOT and CHP compliant. In addition to the models shown here, we have many, many more winches available, so please contact us if you need assistance finding the right model.

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