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Chainsaw Safety Gear

Elvex Chaps
Elvex chaps are designed and independently tested to meet the industry standards for safety. The most popular of all styles below is the 36" 90 Series ProChaps, which use Prolar fiber technology. This unique technology yields a fiber that essentially explodes upon impact with a spinning saw chain, stopping it dead in its tracks.

Arborist Chainsaw Pants
Pants for the working arborist that are both comfortable to wear, and that protect against chainsaws, are still a relatively new product. But, they're gaining popularity in the U.S.A. and with good reason. The Forester Premium Arborist Pants combine these features, and at a great price. We highly recommend checking them out.

Chainsaw Safety Helmets
The best value we offer when it comes to a woodcutter's safety helmet is the Forester #8577 Helmet Kit. This economy kit provides a comfortable hard hat with mesh face shield, ear muffs and safety glasses, all for under $40.00! Or if you want to go one step further and combine all the gear together, pick up the Forester Professional Cutter's Combo Kit. This handy kit gives you all you need, including the helmet system and chaps. It makes for a great gift too with its nifty packaging.

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