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Skidding Tongs

Skidding Tongs
For those using a tractor or even those with a larger skidder, these tongs work well for dragging or "skidding" logs. They work like scissors, meaning once you pull on the ring the points come together and pinch the log. To move the log successfully, you'll need to keep the front end off the ground. You can do this by hooking up a chain to your boom (aka arch) and then adjusting the chain length as needed to keep the log off the ground. If you don't want to try this, then you may like one of our Chain Choker Assemblies. Also, we stock a full line of Lifting Tongs, which are for use in actual lifting applications (e.g., railroad crews lifting and setting ties).

MPNSizeJaw OpeningPriceQuantity
400053/4" x 16"3-9/16" - 16"
423151" x 20"4" - 20"
402251" x 25"4-1/2" - 25"
404551-1/4" x 32"7" - 32"
405551-1/2" x 36"8" - 36"
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