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Logging Tongs

Blue Tongs vs. Orange Tongs
You might be wondering what the difference is between blue tongs and orange tongs. They're offered in all the same sizes, right? While that is true, there is one major difference. Blue tongs are for log skidding only, whereas the orange tongs are made from alloy steel and featured a rated load tag that makes them legal for overhead lifting. For the majority of our customers, the blue tongs are what they need. If you're planning to skid some logs or simply pull some timber around, they work great. But if you're working commercially and lifting, then you must use the orange tongs (e.g., lifting and setting railroad ties).

What Makes the Orange Tongs Special?
For starters, the tong shape has been designed to provide a sure grip on poles and logs. Dixie Industries upset forges round alloy steel for optimum tensile strength and durability. They are proof-tested at 2 times Working Load Limit (WLL) and then affixed with a permanent metal identification tag. Written certification is also supplied at time of shipment. Painted bright orange for job site identification.