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Logging Tools

We stock all sorts of old-fashioned log handling tools, like peavies, cant hooks, pickeroons and log jacks (aka timberjacks). While these tools aren't commonly used on big-time, professional logging sites, they are used daily all across the country in smaller operations. Farmers, ranchers, firewood splitters and those that operate log mills depend on these quality tools to make handling logs and other timber products as easy and efficient as possible.

Peavies vs. Cant Hooks--What's the Difference?
Physically, the only difference between peavies and cant hooks is that peavies have a pointed tip and cant hooks do not. Some say this difference is important, but we have noticed that with most of our customers, they use either one for pretty much the same job. Both will bite into a log and allow you to roll it, but the peavey has the pointed end that will penetrate into the ground (to store the tool, for example).

What About a Log Jack?
A log jack (aka timberjack) is used to get a log up off the ground for cutting purposes. A chainsaw operator certainly doesn't want to bury or even bang their chainsaw off the ground, and that's exactly what a good log jack helps you prevent. We offer them here in both traditional wood and aluminum handle versions.

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Item #BrandTypeHandle LengthWLL (lbs)Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  48" Cant HookPV-CH48Peavey MfgCant Hook48"--
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  54" Cant HookPV-CH54Peavey MfgCant Hook54"--
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  60" Cant HookPV-CH60Peavey MfgCant Hook60"--
Dixie 2-1/2" x  48" Cant HookDX-06240DixieCant Hook48"-10.1
Dixie 2-1/2" x  60" Cant HookDX-06260DixieCant Hook60"-13.5
Dixie 2-1/2" x  60" Cant Hook
Forester 55" Heavy-Duty TimberjackFOR-THT55ForesterLog Jack / Timberjack55"-12
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  42" TimberjackPV-TJPeavey MfgLog Jack / Timberjack42"--
Dixie 2-1/4" x  42" Log JackDX-06238DixieLog Jack / Timberjack42"-10.5
Dixie 2-1/4" x  42" Log Jack
Woodchuck Timberjack Log LifterWC-WCT03WoodchuckLog Jack / Timberjack48"-10.95
Woodchuck Peavey / Cant Hook & Log Jack Combo ToolWC-WCT04WoodchuckCombo Tool48"-11.4
Forester 48" Standard Logging PeaveyFOR-PV48ForesterPeavey48"-8.8
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  48" Standard Logging PeaveyPV-PV48Peavey MfgPeavey48"--
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  54" Standard Logging PeaveyPV-PV54Peavey MfgPeavey54"--
Peavey Mfg 2-3/8" x  60" Standard Logging PeaveyPV-PV60Peavey MfgPeavey60"--
Dixie 2-1/2" x  48" Standard Logging PeaveyDX-00240DixiePeavey48"-12.4
Dixie 2-1/2" x  48" Standard Logging Peavey
Dixie 2-1/2" x  60" Standard Logging PeaveyDX-00260DixiePeavey60"-10.1
Peavey Mfg 30" Penobscot PickeroonPV-PIC30Peavey MfgPickeroon30"--
Peavey Mfg 36" Penobscot PickeroonPV-PIC36Peavey MfgPickeroon36"--
Fiskars 28" HookaroonFK-360070-1001FiskarsPickeroon--1.8
Fiskars 28" Hookaroon
Woodchuck Skidderoon ToolWC-WCT06WoodchuckSkidderoon32"-2.1
Dixie 10" Draw ShaveDX-49931DixieDraw Shave--2
Notch Pro-Grade Log Dolly - 1000 lbs Max LoadNOT-35686NotchLog Carts-1,000125
Notch Modular Tree Cart - 1000 lbs Max LoadNOT-36692NotchLog Carts-1,000169
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