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Measuring / Marking

Rudd Tree & Log Paint
This is "the standard" tree marking paint for all of our logging customers here in the Pacific NW. It is specially developed for identification marking of trees, logs and lumber. Formulated for optimum product performance to provide highly-visible marks that withstand the critical test of long-term exposure. A controlled penetration rate gives uniform marks on smooth and rough surfaces...the special resin and pigment system provides long term durability and resistance to weathering from sunlight or moisture. Designed for optimum performance...the specially balanced formula reduces settling, promotes total product exhaustion, and the high solids content means more paint for more marks. A high-quality, dependable, cost-effective, product created to meet today’s forestry marking needs. Available in standard and hi-vis colors. Buy it by the box and save!

Spencer Tapes
Another classic logging tool is the Spencer Tape--and it's worth noting we sell the original, not a knock off! Clips to the waist for quick and easy deployment, especially when bucking on the landing. Refill tapes and bent horseshoe nails also available. Choose from 50, 75 and 100 ft version.