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Drum Handling Slings

Drum Handling Slings
Handling drums can be tricky, but these slings help to make it easier and safer. Available in both vertical and horizontal types, these slings fit a variety of drum sizes. Each is made with durable polyester webbing that is safe for overhead lifting and material handling. For vertical slings, the most popular size is 24" (it fits most standard 55 gallon drums). The vertical slings rely on the ratchet mechanism tightening the sling and biting below the first rib of the drum. The horizontal sling uses barrel hooks the bite into the end of the drum. Click the link below to view a product flyer that shows a picture of the slings and how they work.

TypeMPNSizeWLL (lbs)Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
Lift-All 2" x 24" Vertical Drum Handling Sling - 850 lbs WLLVerticalDSV602D-242" x 24"8505
Lift-All 2" x 30" Vertical Drum Handling Sling - 850 lbs WLLVerticalDSV602D-302" x 30"8505.25
Lift-All 2" x 36" Vertical Drum Handling Sling - 850 lbs WLLVerticalDSV602D-362" x 36"8505.5
Lift-All 1" Horizontal Drum Handling Sling - 1500 lbs WLLHorizontalDSH601D-1,5003.25
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