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Reverse Eye Slings

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Standard eye & eye slings are good enough for many uses, although our typical contractor customers tend to tear them up no matter the brand. There is a tougher, more long-lasting option, however. Reversed Eye “RE” (return eye) slings are formed by using multiple widths of webbing held edge to edge. A wear pad is attached on both sides of the web sling body, and on both sides of the loop eyes to form a loop eye at each end, which is at a right angle to the plane of the web sling body. The Reversed Eye sling can be used with all three hitch types (vertical, basket, choker), but is particularly well suited to the choker hitch due to the “twisted eye”. The way the eyes are constructed makes them nest well on crane hooks. Available in two premium webbing grades, choose from Liftex Pro-Edge or Lift-All Tuff-Edge II.

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