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Pewag Viro "Euromonolith" 1/2" Security Chain Padlock - #4153

Pewag Viro "Euromonolith" 1/2" Security Chain Padlock - #4153Pewag Viro "Euromonolith" 1/2" Security Chain Padlock - #4153Pewag Viro "Euromonolith" 1/2" Security Chain Padlock - #4153Pewag Viro "Euromonolith" 1/2" Security Chain Padlock - #4153Pewag Viro "Euromonolith" 1/2" Security Chain Padlock - #4153
SKU: PW-4153MPN: 4153
  • USUALLY SHIPS: 1 - 2 Days
  • Made in Italy
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Product Description

What It Is
A solid, high-security padlock made to work with 1/2" (12 mm) square security chain. It's a solid piece of brass and hardened steel that leaves an impression of both quality and durability.

Why You Need It
Because a good security chain is only as good as the lock you secure it with. This lock's pins are completely shrouded and even protected by the security chain. Thieves look for the quick and easy target, but with this lock, there are no shortcuts! No bolt cutter access!

How Big Is It?
Well, it weighs 2.05 lbs (930 g) and is a handful for anyone with average hands. It's a great balance of feeling and looking really solid without being too big or bulky. You can easily slip this into your backpack, purse, etc. and tote it without weighing yourself down. We know you will be impressed!

How Secure Is It?
This is a true, high-security padlock that was hand selected to work with 12 mm square chain. Thieves hate these locks due to the high-quality materials used and their exclusive shape that makes them practically impossible to grip with traditional cutters or other common tools. The body is made from one-piece, special case-hardened and tempered steel. The finish is achieved via a special "NIPLOY PROCESS", which results in a corrosion-proof nickel plating. The dead-bolt is made from case-hardened, tempered steel. The security cylinder is built with 6 pins, replaceable, protected by a rotating anti-drill plate in special case-hardened, tempered 4.4 mm thick steel. Supplied with two Viro Top Security profile nickel-plated brass keys.

View the compatibility chart below to see which of our security chains work with this padlock.

Pewag Galvanized 9/32"


Pewag Galvanized 3/8"


Pewag Galvanized 1/2"


Laclede Lockdown 9/32"


Laclede Lockdown 3/8"


Laclede Lockdown 1/2"


Peerless Blue Hex 7/16"


Abus 10KS 3/8"

All Sizes

Abus 12KS 1/2"

All Sizes
View Chain & Padlock Selection Guide
* If ordering only one padlock, choose "Keyed Different". If ordering multiple padlocks, and you want them all to take the same key, choose "Keyed Alike".


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Overall Length
Overall Height
Pin Diameter
Weight (lbs)

Questions & Answers

7 Questions & 8 Answers
from Oregon asked:
February 20, 2019
If I use this lock with Pewag's 12mm security chain will I be able to put the lock on an end link and a middle link, or must I install it in the end links of the chain only?
2 Answers
Yes, we get this question a lot. You can install this lock using an end link and a middle link, but not two middle links.
Submitted by: WRS on February 20, 2019
It is doable, however you must jiggle and manipulate the links into place, it's not a smooth and easy fit. But we confirmed it's possible by doing another test fit.
Submitted by: WRS on December 18, 2020

from Webster, NY asked:
December 13, 2020
What is the difference between the Monolith and the Euromonolith locks?
1 Answer
Here is the answer from Viro, the lock manufacturer.

Cylinder: 7 pins, replaceable and re-keyable
Key: Top Security profile

Cylinder: 6 pins, replaceable
Key: flat, reversible
Not certified

The main difference is the higher number of combinations of the 7-pin Monolith.However, the reversible flat key of the Euromonolith is less common in the USA and therefore less likely to be copied.

Submitted by: WRS on December 18, 2020

from Burbank, CA asked:
September 2, 2020
I need to make a key copy but no one has the machine to make one for me can you help me out? I'm in Burbank CA.
1 Answer
Yes, check out the folks at Keyline USA, link below.


Submitted by: WRS on September 2, 2020

from Deforest, WI asked:
August 14, 2019
I have the 1/2 inch chain, will it work with this lock?
1 Answer
If you have the Pewag 1/2" (12mm) Security Chain, then yes, it will work with this lock.
Submitted by: WRS on August 15, 2019

from Missouri asked:
April 23, 2018
Are the keys dimpled type or standard? Are the dimpled type much harder to defeat?
1 Answer
The keys are dimpled just as pictured, and industry experts seem to agree that dimpled keys make the lock much harder to pick.
Submitted by: WRS on April 23, 2018

from Austin, TX asked:
March 6, 2018
This lock is listed as being compatible with the 3/8" Pewag security chain. Is the shaft adequately protected from bolt-cutters when the smaller 3/8" chain is used?
1 Answer
That is somewhat a matter of opinion. There should be approximately 0.34" of space when used with 3/8" chain, which isn't a lot, but it's not ideal either. We recommend using the Viro lock designed for 3/8" chain, the #PW-4126 Panzer model. With the Panzer, each link sits in its own pocket, thus the bolt is completely protected.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on March 6, 2018

from Chico, CA asked:
February 14, 2018
Is it possible to purchase additional keys for this lock? If so, how much do they cost?
1 Answer
Yes, replacement key blanks are available here for $10.00/ea.
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on February 14, 2018

Product Reviews

7 Reviews
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57% Recommend this product (4 of 7 responses)
By Jim
Riverside, CA
Rock Solid Security Lock - Excellent Service
October 1, 2020
I own a Private Security Company and we provide service to a local municipality for their solar project. Our main problem has been transients cutting the locks on the gates to gain access to the solar field and stealing solar panels, and committing other acts of vandalism. Since installing these locks and the Pewag 1/2 galvanized chains we have not had a single issue. Rock solid products for our needs, fact delivery and excellent customer service. What more could you ask for. Highly recommend.
  • Rock solid locks and chains.
  • Built well.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Better than average tamper and cut resistance.
  • None.
By Matthew
Memphis, TN
Exceeded Expectations
September 2, 2020
High quality lock, very happy. Using it in combination with the 1/2 Pewag chain. The best chain/padlock combo I have found so far. This is a serious lock. Thanks!
By 2-wheeler D.
Southern California Metro Area
Bolt-Cutter Proof
April 16, 2019
Being in a major metropolitan city, I did some research into Chain/Lock combos, I got this due to MANY expert bike thieves and locksmith's independent endorsements. As some have said, ANY lock/chain can be defeated given the correct tools and enough uninterrupted time, but, as a DETERRENT, this Pewag Chain/Viro Lock combo is one of the best available at any price to defend against opportunistic theft. I also use a strong u-lock to make theft even more difficult. To slow down a criminal's efforts (and potentially call attention to him/her) is what this chain/lock will do. Chances are, they'll move to an easier target where less effort will be needed for a quick theft and getaway.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the thorough review!
  • Hardened steel chain links
  • Galvanized against rust
  • Protective sleeve
  • Visual Deterrent
  • Very strong and sturdy lock
  • Quite heavy
By Bryan
Fostoria, OH
Great Lock
March 22, 2019
This is one secure lock and it's the best quality that I have ever seen in a lock. The design is great as there isn't a place for a person to use a bolt cutter when used with a Pewag chain.
  • Workmanship and quality is A+. Plus the design is almost tamper proof.
  • The price is kinda high but worth it.
By Patrick C.
Heavy duty lock, well protected.
October 21, 2018
Selected this over Viro Panzer to mate with the 10mm Pewag chain for a bicycle. Has an anti-drill plate the Panzer lacks and thus a smaller keyway exposure. It should be a good outdoor lock.
  • Anti-drill plate, unusual key.
  • Pretty matte finish will pick up nicks over time. Not really a con, but reality for a workman's lock.
By Ron K.
Chicago, IL
Excellent Security
September 26, 2018
This lock comes as described with a hardened steel shell and brass innards. But check various lock picking sites to see that it also has a channel that is difficult to navigate with a pick plus seven (usually such locks have six) pins and all were spools (more resistant to picking than regular pins).
  • Impressive looking security should make a crook look elsewhere; excellent security.
By Joe T.
La Palma, California
A true work of art.
March 3, 2018
This lock is beautiful to hold and look at. A true work of art.

Bolt cutters can not even try to attack the shackle because the chain fills the space. I love the anti drill measures. Steel pins that can not be attacked because of the hardened keyhole plate that spins with the drill. YouTube videos show it is hard for locksmiths to pick. The whole body is one piece, thick, and case hardened.



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