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Pewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain PadlockImage shown may be a stock photo and is for reference only.
Pewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain PadlockPewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain PadlockPewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain PadlockPewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain PadlockPewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain Padlock

Pewag Viro "Blocca Catena" 9/32" Security Chain Padlock

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  • Made in Italy
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  • What It Is
    A compact, high-security padlock made to work with 9/32" (7 mm) square security chain. Its sleek design makes it easy to store, and means your entire security chain setup will be easy to pack along.

    Why You Need It
    Because a good security chain is only as good as the lock you secure it with. This lock's pins are completely shrouded and even protected by the security chain. Thieves look for the quick and easy target, but with this lock, there are no shortcuts! No bolt cutter access!

    How Compact Is It?
    Well, it weighs 0.72 lbs (325 g) and fits easily in the palm of your hand. It is actually small enough to thrown in your pocket or backpack. We know you will be impressed!

    How Secure Is It?
    This is a true, high-security padlock that was hand selected to work with 7 mm chain. It has a fully armored brass body with tempered, copper, nickel, case-hardened and chrome plated steel armor. It also features independent and rotating lock-bolts, made of steel with pull-resistant programmed head breakage. Ball type locking mechanism, key retaining and with 5 pin pull-resistant plug. We know that's a lot of tech speak, but the point is that this is a true security lock. And because it's compact and "in line", your chain security package remains small, sleek, lightweight and ready for quick deployment. We picture this as the perfect security chain kit for bicycle, scooter and even motorcycle riders.

  • Chain Diameter
    9/32" (1/4")
    Case-Hardened Steel / Brass
    Overall Length
    Overall Height
    Pin Diameter
    Approx. Weight (lbs)
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