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Pewag 1/2" 3012 Security Chain Kit - 9 ft Chain & Viro PadlockImage shown may be a stock photo and is for reference only.

Pewag 1/2" 3012 Security Chain Kit - 9 ft Chain & Viro Padlock

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  • Made in Austria / Italy

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  • What Kind Of Chain Is This?
    If you've been on the market looking for a great security chain, then there's a good chance you've heard of Pewag's 3012 chain. But what is it? Well, 3012 is actually a hardened traction chain. It's strong service record in that application made it an appealing choice as a security chain--if it can handle the duties of a traction chain, then surely it can hold up to bolt cutters! People love the size and the simple dark color of this chain. It is imposing to look at and extremely difficult to cut without power tools. This chain has a plain, polished finish, which means you may end up wanting to paint it or treat it with a Cold Galvanizing Spray. You may already be familiar with Pewag's 3/8" Square Case Hardened Security Chain--we literally sell a ton of it. This chain is very similar, except it's 2 mm larger (12 mm or 0.472" to be exact). This makes it beefier and even tougher to cut.

    How Is This Chain Different From The New 1/2" Pewag Chain?
    For starters, the 3012 chain is actually a traction chain that was not originally designed for security--that does not make it any less formidable, however. From a cosmetic perspective, this chain is dark (it comes to us both in black and gray, depending on how it is heat-treated at the factory) while the New 1/2" Pewag Security Chain is silver. Otherwise, the chains are almost identical with the same hardness and toughness.

    This Is The Chain You've Been Hearing About
    Whether on YouTube (click on the Video tab), a website forum or just word of mouth, you may have already heard about this chain. It's in high demand and available to you right here from Westech Rigging Supply.

    What About The Lock?
    This is Pewag's newest Viro padlock, which was hand picked to work with their 1/2" security chain--it's a true, high-security padlock, not something from the local hardware store. Its beefy design will certainly be a deterrent to any potential thief--it weighs just over 2 lbs. You may not want to put it in your pocket, but you'll be happy to secure your precious equipment with it. The lock body is made from a combination of brass and hardened steel that not only looks good, but also holds up well to the elements. Supplied with two Viro Top Security profile nickel-plated brass keys. We know you will be impressed!

    • Square, case-hardened links
    • Cannot be cut with bolt cutters--square link shape does not allow bolt cutters to get a proper bite, which prevents them from cutting the chain
    • Requires tremendous effort to cut, a great theft deterrent
    • Clean, polished finish
    • Tested and proven as a traction chain, yet now incredibly popular as an anti-theft chain
    • Surface Hardness: 62 HRC Min.
    • Heavy-duty padlock protects the lock pin from being accessed, forcing a potential thief to deal with the hardened security chain
    • Lock body is electro-galvanized for corrosion protection, very durable, heavy-duty design
  • Size
    Case-Hardened Steel
    Black / Gray
    Length (ft)
    Approx. Weight (lbs)
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