Pull Testing Services

Pull Testing Services

  • Test up to 225,000 lbs. & 33 ft.
  • Instant Printed Certificates

Introducing our new, state-of-the-art pull test bed! With automated touch screen controls, you can rest assured tests are being performed with the highest degree of accuracy.

Computerized graphing brings testing precision to a whole new level! Instantly printed certificates ensure you are OSHA Compliant and back to work fast!

When testing is completed, you will know with full confidence that your chains and slings have been thorougly inspected and certified for safe and reliable use. All work is documented, with each item receiving a serial number for identification along with it’s certificate showing the testing and repairs (if any). We will also ensure your item has a permanent tag for ease of identification, or af fix one if necessary.

With two locations to serve you locally, you can now avoid long distance freight charges and downtime. We will even pick-up, test, and deliver to select areas to further reduce the cost to you.*

Fees for standard wire rope, chain, and synthetic slings:
leg slings
$59multiple leg slings

Discounted rates available for bulk testing of multiple slings.

Additional Parts or Labor are extra. Onsite sling inspection available @ $125/hr. Restrictions apply. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Gear Inspections

We take safety very seriously! Proper equipment functionality is a must in any workplace. Failure to maintain your gear could result in serious consequences. That’s why you can bring your gear in to be inspected by one of our trained safety experts, or in some cases, we can even inspect at your location, at no additional cost to you!*

If we find any damage or defects in the equipment, we can rebuild or replace your rigging to OSHA specifications. With over a million dollars of inventory and on-site fabrication, we can have you back to work quickly and safely!

* Restrictions Apply. Give us a call to inquire about eligibility!

FREE Inspections* - OSHA Compliant