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M4 Wedge-Type Quick Ferrule - 7/16" - 9/16" Wire Rope

M4 Wedge-Type Quick Ferrule - 7/16" - 9/16" Wire RopeM4 Wedge-Type Quick Ferrule - 7/16" - 9/16" Wire RopeM4 Wedge-Type Quick Ferrule - 7/16" - 9/16" Wire Rope
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Product Description

Quick and easy to install, wedge-type quick ferrules (aka "Quick Nub") feature manganese bronze two-piece wedges and work well with common 6-strand wire rope. The two-piece wedge grips all strands of wire rope evenly under load. Ferrules and wedges are reusable many times, but wedges can be purchased separately as needed. Color-coded for size, please be sure to match the right size quick ferrule for your application. And contact us for help if needed by calling 800-442-7454!

  • Used to repair or replace the nub end on wire rope, installs easily in the field in just minutes
  • Often used to repair a winch line or make chokers in the field
  • No special tools required
  • No molten socket metal and no swaging required
  • Ferrule (nub casing) is made of steel, wedges are made of bronze
  • Spiraled wedges are made to fit specific size and type of wire rope


Frame Size
Wire Rope Size
7/16" - 9/16"
Steel / Bronze
Weight (lbs)

Questions & Answers

2 Questions & 2 Answers
from Moncton asked:
December 17, 2018
I have a Wallenstein log winch with 3/8" wire rope. Is the M4 a good size of ferrule and wedge for that size of wire? I don't see smaller than 7/16"
1 Answer
We cannot recommend the M4 for your application. It "might" work, but is not designed for use with 3/8" cable.
Submitted by: WRS on December 18, 2018

from Holmen, WI asked:
March 2, 2018
M4, D4 and D5 wedges are all for same size cable. What are the advantages of each?
1 Answer
Quick nub assemblies are called out by their alphanumeric code. "M" stands for "Midget" while "D" stands for Dwarf. Midget is smaller than dwarf. The number "4" generally means 1/2", but can be used for additional sizes. The number "5" generally means 5/8", but is often used for 9/16" swaged since swaged cable tends to be a little oversized.

One size is not better or advantageous, it's simply a matter of fit. If you're running regular cable from 7/16" - 9/16", then you can choose between the midget and dwarf sizes--M4 and D4 respectively. Most choker hooks are midget-based, meaning they work with midget nubs, so the M4 would be the right choice.

If you're running regular 5/8" line, most use a D5 dwarf nub. For 5/8" swaged, many use a B5 which is larger and accepts the oversized line better ("B" stands for Bantam).
Submitted by: Westech Rigging Supply on March 2, 2018

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