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Caldwell BEF Spreader Beam End Fittings

Caldwell BEF Spreader Beam End Fittings
Caldwell has actually made it easy and economical to build your own spreader beam in a simple, modular fashion. Using their BEF end fittings, simply locate a section of A53 Grade B schedule 40 pipe (available from most steel service centers) and then attach the end fittings. This makes the pipe the central structural element between the end fittings, so be sure you buy the right stuff and that it is straight end-to-end within a 1/4". You'll want to make sure you drill cleanly when attaching the end fittings, thus many of our customers will have a machine shop do that part. Available in three sizes. Capacities are as indicated below, subject to the length of pipe used. Be sure to read carefully and follow all instructions (full instructions shipped with each pair). Shackles, chain and all other rigging sold separately.

MPNSizeWeight (lbs)Price PerPriceQuantity
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