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Quick Links

Quick Links
Quick links are a very popular type of light-duty chain repair link. While they are strong in some respects, they are only to be used with low grades of chain. They install by unscrewing the gate, sliding the link into two pieces of chain and then screwing the link gate back to the closed position. In addition to chain repair, they are commonly used by climbers for hanging accessories from their harness / saddle. Available in a zinc-plated finish or in stainless steel for resistance to corrosion. Choose from a traditional oval shape, or triangular delta links (perfect for use with webbing), all in a variety of sizes and strengths.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR fall arrest, climbing, overhead lifting or other critical applications. No matter how you use these links, always adhere to the Working Load Limits and inspect often. Ensure gate is fully closed when in use with no threads showing

Looking for links that are rated for climbing? Check out our Maillon Rapide PPE Rated Quick Links.

Item #Chain DiameterMaterialWLL (lbs)Approx. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
1/8" Zinc-Plated Quick Link - 400 lbs WLLIMP-QL018ZP1/8"Zinc-Plated Steel4000.02
3/16" Zinc-Plated Quick Link - 660 lbs WLLIMP-QL316ZP3/16"Zinc-Plated Steel6600.04
9/32" (1/4") Zinc-Plated Quick Link - 880 lbs WLLIMP-QL014ZP9/32" (1/4")Zinc-Plated Steel8800.08
5/16" Zinc-Plated Quick Link - 1760 lbs WLLIMP-QL516ZP5/16"Zinc-Plated Steel1,7600.16
3/8" Zinc-Plated Quick Link - 2650 lbs WLLIMP-QL038ZP3/8"Zinc-Plated Steel2,6500.24
1/2" Zinc-Plated Quick Link - 3300 lbs WLLIMP-QL012ZP1/2"Zinc-Plated Steel3,3000.56
9/32" (1/4") Type 316 Stainless Steel Quick Link - 880 lbs WLLIMP-QL014SS9/32" (1/4")316 Stainless Steel8800.08
5/16" Type 316 Stainless Steel Quick Link - 1700 lbs WLLIMP-QL516SS5/16"316 Stainless Steel1,7000.18
3/8" Type 316 Stainless Steel Quick Link - 2100 lbs WLLIMP-QL038SS3/8"316 Stainless Steel2,1000.3
1/2" Type 316 Stainless Steel Quick Link - 2500 lbs WLLIMP-QL012SS1/2"316 Stainless Steel2,5000.52
9/32" (1/4") DuraBrite 304 Stainless Steel Delta Quick Link - 990 lbs WLLUSR-LS-DL-089/32" (1/4")304 Stainless Steel9900.09
5/16" DuraBrite 304 Stainless Steel Delta Quick Link - 1690 lbs WLLUSR-LS-DL-105/16"304 Stainless Steel1,6900.19
3/8" DuraBrite 304 Stainless Steel Delta Quick Link - 2750 lbs WLLUSR-LS-DL-123/8"304 Stainless Steel2,7500.34
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