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Snap Links

Snap Links
Spring snap links are named so because of the way they function. The gate is spring-loaded, and will automatically snap shut unless it's being held in the open position. In fact, they are much quicker to use and install than "quick links". They are used in a variety of applications, including low-grade chain repair, hanging accessories while climbing, dog runs, leashes, etc. Available in a zinc-plated finish, or in 316 stainless steel for maximum resistance to corrosion.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR fall arrest, overhead lifting or other critical applications. No matter how you use these links, always adhere to the Working Load Limits and inspect often. Looking for links that are rated for climbing? Check out our Climbing Carabiners where you will find a full selection of top brands like Petzl, Rock Exotica, FallTech and others.

Item #Chain DiameterMaterialWLL (lbs)Approx. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
IMP-SL018ZP1/8"Zinc-Plated Steel350.02
IMP-SL316ZP3/16"Zinc-Plated Steel1050.04
IMP-SL014ZP9/32" (1/4")Zinc-Plated Steel3950.06
IMP-SL516ZP5/16"Zinc-Plated Steel5000.16
IMP-SL038ZP3/8"Zinc-Plated Steel7700.32
IMP-SL012ZP1/2"Zinc-Plated Steel9000.6
IMP-SL316SS3/16"316 Stainless Steel1200.04
IMP-SL014SS9/32" (1/4")316 Stainless Steel1800.06
IMP-SL516SS5/16"316 Stainless Steel2800.15
IMP-SL038SS3/8"316 Stainless Steel4000.27
IMP-SL012SS1/2"316 Stainless Steel9000.78
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