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Crosby HR-1000MCT Metric COLD-TUFF Hoist Rings

Crosby HR-1000MCT Metric COLD-TUFF Hoist Rings
A Hoist Ring Designed For Extreme Conditions
The Crosby HR-1000MCT line of hoist rings offers versatile and dependable material handling even in extreme conditions, including subsea and other salt water environments. The bail is forged and provides greater durability in potentially abusive environments. Additionally, the "COLD-TUFF" hoist rings are suitable for use to -50ºF, which makes them totally unique. All components are produced with a maximum hardness of 34 HRC and all load-bearing components have charpy impact testing (including the body, bushing, washer, bail and bolt). Components are zinc-coated utilizing a thermal diffusion galvanizing process for improved corrosion resistance. All load-bearing components are heat-treated, Quenched and Tempered alloy steel. Individually proof-tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit AND individually Magnetic Particle inspected with certification. Individually serialized and RFID equipped.

MPNSizeFrame SizeWLL (kg)Overall WidthInside LengthThreadBail SizeApprox. Weight (kg)PriceQuantity
6630058M122825106.7 mm63.5 mm15.6 mm19.1 mm1As low as: $503.00
6630059M1621,350106.7 mm63.5 mm25.5 mm19.1 mm1As low as: $505.00
6630060M2032,250158.8 mm82.6 mm25.3 mm25.4 mm5As low as: $1,141.00
6630061M2433,175158.8 mm82.6 mm35.4 mm25.4 mm5As low as: $1,169.00
6630062M3045,450206.5 mm101.6 mm65.9 mm36.6 mm11As low as: $1,725.00
6630063M3647,450206.5 mm101.6 mm56.3 mm36.6 mm12As low as: $1,959.00
6630064M48513,250295.6 mm127.0 mm50.7 mm44.5 mm30As low as: $3,522.00
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