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EHS Grips & Fittings

What Is 1x7 EHS Cable?
1x7 EHS Galvanized Cable is a unique product. It is not flexible like a braided wire rope, which means you can't bend it as easily and fittings can be more difficult to install. For example, we cannot swage eyes in EHS cable like we can normal wire rope (e.g., 6x19 Class Galvanized Wire Rope).

Special Cable Calls for Special Fittings
Once you've purchased your 1x7 cable, the next step is to figure out how you will terminate it. Most likely, you plan to use it for bracing or tensioning, since that's what this cable was designed for. In the tower rigging industry, most of our customers terminate using Big-Grip Dead-ends, which are specially preformed to wrap onto the end of 1x7 cable. A very similar product--yet technically different--is the Tree-Grip Dead-end. These are used almost exclusively by arborists. Please note the two styles of grips are not considered interchangeable.

Another cabling product designed to work with 1x7 cable is the Rigguy Wire Stop. It's a unique, innovative product that is designed to make tree cabling installs fast, clean and strong. Wedges install around the cable and sit inside a tapered fitting, and the harder you pull, the deeper the cable seats into the fitting.

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