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Eye Bolts

All Kinds of Eye Bolts
Unlike some sites that are focused on only one niche product line or market, we try to carry as many high-quality eye bolts as we can. We know having options is key when trying to rig up a job, and that's why we offer so many sizes, finishes and brands.

Some Best-Selling Eye Bolts
One of the most common types of eye bolts is the machinery style, more specifically the Crosby 279 Machinery Eye Bolts. They are used for lifting equipment that has pre-tapped holes. These eye bolts simply thread into the hole, which is why they are not shipped with nuts.

If you want to use a nut on the end of your eye bolt, then check out the Chicago Regular Eye Bolts. They have a ton of sizes to choose from, and they are backed by Chicago's commitment to quality and U.S.A. manufacturing. A galvanized steel finish makes them ideal for outdoor use as well.

Additional Eye Bolt Options
Aside from the staple products mentioned above, we carry several other styles of eye bolts that are quite popular. For arborists, we recommend checking out Chicago Shoulder Screw Eye Bolts, also know as lag bolts. Or for quick cabling jobs that require less ultimate strength, check out our J Lags.