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Eye Nuts

Crosby G-400 Eye Nuts
Like most rigging components, Crosby is the standard when it comes to eye nuts. They are requested by more customers, and spec'd into more jobs than any other eye nut we offer. Available in tap/thread sizes up to 1-1/2", the G400 series of eye nuts are made from forged steel, Quenched and Tempered. They feature a hot dip galvanized finish with standard UNC Class 2 threads after galvanizing. They meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26.

Chicago Eye Nuts
Sometimes customers need USA product, but they want to save a few dollars without compromising quality, and that's where Chicago really shines. Not only do they make "regular" eye nuts to compete against the Crosby G-400's, but they also make heavy-duty and stainless steel versions. So whether you have a common application, a heavy lift requiring superior strength, or a corrosive environment where galvanized just isn't good enough, Chicago has you covered with a high-quality USA product.

Angular Loading
No matter what brand of eye bolt you use--Crosby, Chicago or generic imports--remember that angular loading greatly reduces the Working Load Limit and ultimate capacity. All load ratings shown are for straight, inline pulls. If you must load at an angle, check out our Hybrid Lifting Points, or better yet, our wide selection of Hoist Rings.