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General Rigging Hooks

Hooks for Wire Rope & General Hoisting
General rigging hooks such as these are commonly used with Wire Rope Slings, web slings and rope assemblies. Often they are connected with a Rigging Shackle. The size and shape of these hooks make them very utilitarian--they fit a wide range of needs, and are offered in many different load capacities. Here you will find premium brands like Crosby & Pewag, as well as economical imported hooks

Most Popular Styles
The hooks we sell most often are the Crosby L-320AN Eye Hooks and the Crosby L-322AN Swivel Eye Hooks. The throat area of these hooks is identical size-for-size, with the only real difference being that one hook swivels while the other has a fixed eye. A swivel hook is beneficial for load positioning, but keep in mind, the 322 series of hooks is not intended to swivel under load. For that, you will need to step up to the L-3322B Swivel Bearing Hooks. These hooks are specially designed with bearings so they swivel fully while under load.

A really popular non-Crosby offering is the Pewag ELD Grade 80 Swivel Hook. This hook competes directly against the L-322AN model, yet at a lower price while still maintaining quality. These fine hooks are made in Europe and we have sold them for years. They are especially popular with our excavation customers, who realize often their hooks will be lost, broken or buried long before they wear out.