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Grade 80 / 100 Chain Hooks

Recommended hooks for overhead lifting with chain slings!

When it comes to overhead lifting with chain slings, there are specific OSHA rules that apply. For example, Grade 80 is the minimum chain grade to be used, but today it has largely been replaced by Grade 100. That is why most of the hooks you see below are made from Grade 100 Alloy Steel, compatible for use with Grade 100 Alloy Chain. We offer all of the most popular hooks from all of the most popular brands, including Cartec, Gunnebo Johnson and Crosby.

Grab Hooks For the Win!
Far and away, the most popular style of chain hook we sell is the clevis grab hook. It attaches directly to the chain using a load pin and roll pin. Installation is fast, easy and semi-permanent--you can remove the hook if you want, but you will need a hammer and punch. Cartec has done a great job of keeping us supplied with their affordable and high-quality Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hook. It features a supporting saddle at the bottom of the hook to keep the chain properly supported, which allows the user to achieve full load capacity from the hook without fear of damage. A similar hook, yet even safer, is the Crosby L-1338 Grade 100 Locking Clevis Grab Hook. These hooks have the same capacity as the Cartec hooks, yet have a spring-loaded pin that helps to retain the chain in position, even when the load goes slack.

Self-Closing Safety Hooks--What Are They?
Self-closing safety hooks are somewhat taking the place of traditional sling hooks. Safety offices and riggers alike seem to prefer the way they function, and the way they hold up to use. Unlike traditional sling hooks that have a spring-loaded flipper latch that tends to be destroyed quickly in the field, self-closing safety hooks have a latch made from solid alloy steel that connects to the upper clevis portion of the hook. It's all one piece, and because the chain attaches directly to the clevis, that means the latch must close when a load is applied. The latch is actuated by a trigger on the back side of the hook, and replacement trigger kits are available. Popular models include the S-1317A Crosby Shur-Loc and the Gunnebo GBK Hook that has a tongue-and-groove latch tip that interlocks, indicating a solid positive connection and also making for easier inspection. Both of these hooks have swivel options shown below as well.