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Grade 80 / 100 Chain Hooks

Recommended hooks for overhead lifting with chain slings!

If you plan to lift using chain, then you need alloy chain and hooks that are rated for overhead lifting to be OSHA compliant. In short, these are the hooks you are looking for. Not to mention they come variety of styles like grab hooks, sling hooks, and safety hooks with a range of connection point types like eye, clevis, and swivel.

You will find that most hooks on this page are Grade 100. While Grade 80 hooks are still technically safe and legal, they are more or less phased out. Grade 100 hooks are widely available, yet are stronger (25%) than Grade 80 hooks and at no extra cost. Just make sure that no matter what selection of components you're using, always rate your assembly to the weakest link. So if you're using Grade 80 chain with Grade 100 hooks, then be sure to tag your entire assembly as Grade 80.