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Pewag Blue Grade 120 Chain Hooks

Maximize your lifting capacity with the latest in strength innovation!

The future of overhead lifting hooks is here! Pewag Blue Grade 120 Hooks offer you the greatest lifting strength currently available in the industry. Because of the strength of the new patent-registered materials, there is a significant weight reduction when compared to a lower grade hook with the same Working Load Limit (WLL). That means that where you used to need 1/2" Grade 80 or Grade 100, now it's feasible that same lift can be performed with 3/8" Grade 120. This varies case by case, but there's no denying the increased WLL's from Grade 120 are a real benefit for riggers.

Hooks in Grade 120 will have you lifting safer, stronger, and longer, offering you an increase in working load limits of 20% when compared to Grade 100 Hooks, and a whopping 50% increase in working load limits when compared to Grade 80 hooks. Just make sure that you use these hooks with Pewag's Grade 120 Alloy Chain, which has a square shape and works specifically with these fittings.