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Caldwell Rig-Release Hooks

Caldwell Rig-Release Hooks
A Remote Releasing Hook for Total Safety
The Rig-Release Remote Releasing Hook will allow you to set loads, and then quickly, efficiently, and safely release the rigging from a safe distance. The Rig-Release simply hooks to your crane or spreader beam. You can then attach the slings(s) directly to the Rig-Release and rig the load. Once the load line is set and the crane line is slack, pull the release rope to release the sling(s). No need for a man lift on site or to have a worker crawl out (or up) just to disconnect sling(s). It's all done from a safe distance.

Choose Between Manual and Radio Controlled
The Rig-Release is available in two versions, manual and radio controlled. While both models ultimately perform the same task, the radio controlled version does it all with the push of a button. It ships with two 12 VDC 0.8 Amp Hr. sealed, maintenance-free lead acid batteries (rechargeable). Also included is one charger and one vehicle adapter for standard 12 VDC vehicle outlets. The battery life lasts through an 8-hour shift, depending on frequency of operation. The minimum required cycle time is 1-2 minutes between releases, which should be sufficient for most jobs.

MPNWire Rope SizeWLL (lbs)Overall LengthThroat OpeningPin DiameterBail SizeWeight (lbs)PriceQuantity
RR-13/8"2,00023.10"1.25"0.75"3.00"W x 6.00"L14
RR-2.55/8"5,00031.67"1.50"1.00"3.00"W x 6.00"L45
RR-57/8"10,00036.40"1.50"1.50"4.00"W x 7.00"L110
RR-101-1/4"20,00041.16"2.00"1.75"4.00"W x 7.00"L200
RR-151-1/2"30,00049.25"2.50"2.50"5.00"W x 9.00"L325
RR-2.5R5/8"5,00031.15"1.50"1.00"3.00"W x 6.00"L50
RR-5R7/8"10,00036.40"1.50"1.50"4.00"W x 7.00"L115
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