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Specialty Hooks

Do you need a hook to fit your unique application?

If you answered yes to this question, our specialty hooks below just might have you covered. We carry low profile lifting hooks for working in close quarters, weld-on hooks so you can create attachment points wherever you need them, cost-effective hoist replacement hooks and many more!

Popular Models
Quite often we have customers looking for a small hook that will slip into a tight spot, yet they need the hook to be load-rated. For such an application, our M&W Alloy J Hooks are the best bet. These hooks are thin, which allows them to be used in applications where beefier hooks traditionally do not fit. The load ratings are on the low side, but they are rated nonetheless.

Another popular hook is the Gunnebo UKN Weld-on Bucket Hook>, also know as an "excavator" hook. No doubt about it, we sell more of these hooks into the excavation industry than any other. It was first introduced by Gunnebo Johnson in 1975 specifically for excavator and backhoe use. These Grade 80 alloy steel hooks provide heavy-duty connecting points to any metal surface that is compatible to the load requirement and recommended welding criteria. This is a ready-to-use cargo control device that can also be used as a lifting point. We also offer RDUKN Replacement Latch Kits for these hooks. Since these hooks are used primarily on excavator buckets, they are prone to take a lot of abuse, and latch kits should be replaced as soon as they become inoperable.