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Transport / Towing Hooks

The Best Pulling & Load Securement Hooks Available

When you hit the road, you need to ensure your load arrives at your destination with you safely. Don't allow your hooks to be the point of failure in your tie down system. Whether holding down a light tarp or using Log Truck Wrappers on the way to the mill, Westech Rigging Supply has the gear you need to strap that load down right. And whether you find yourself winching a truck out of a ditch while off-roading, operating a tow service, or doing rescue & recovery work, have confidence knowing you chose the right hook for your pulling application.

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When it comes to chain hooks, be sure to match the size and grade of hook with the size and grade of chain you plan to use (e.g., if you're using a 5/16" Grade 70 Chain, then choose a 5/16" Grade 70 hook). Always be sure to check the specifications on all hooks before purchase, because not all hooks on this page are Grade 70.

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