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Hybrid Lifting Points

What is a Hybrid Lifting Point?
It's a great question, and we're glad you asked! Hybrid lifting points are simply a happy medium between traditional eye bolts and hoist rings. They allow for angular loading up to 90º, yet they do not have a bail that hinges or flops 180º. Many users in the field fail to realize that eye bolts are really not intended for angular lifts, and that in doing so you greatly reduce their capacity. But hoist rings are often deemed too expensive by those paying for the hardware, leaving users with little choice--until now! Enter today's modern "Hybrid Lifting Points".

Two Brands and Many Sizes
We are proud to offer only the best hybrid lifting points available from both Crosby and Pewag. Crosby offers their SL-150 Slide-Loc Lifting Points in UNC threads, standard sizes from 3/8" - 1". We have a feeling bigger sizes, and even metric options will come down the road. At the same time, Pewag offers their lineup of PLGW Gamma Lifting Points. At present, Pewag has the more robust lineup, offering sizes from 3/8" - 1-1/2" and even metric sizes from M8 - M48.

Both Brands Are Exceedingly Easy to Use
Whether you go with Crosby or Pewag, you are in for a treat--no tools, simply tighten by hand, check to make sure the lifting point is secure, and you're good to go. The bail will rotate a full 360º to allow proper alignment prior to lifting. Once done, you can remove or leave in place for additional lifts.