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Master Rings & Links

Links for Use with Lifting Chains
We sell many different rings and links, and some are for "general purpose" use while others are rated for use with chain slings. If you need a link for overhead lifting, for use with a chain sling assembly, be sure to choose one made from Grade 100 or Grade 80 steel. Popular options for standard, oblong master links include the Gunnebo "M" Oblong Master Links and the Pewag "M" Oversized Oblong Master Links. Both are high-quality links made from Grade 100 alloy steel and feature generous interior dimensions for use with large hooks and shackles.

Sub Assemblies
If you need to build a chain sling with more than two legs, then you should use a proper master link assembly, commonly known as a "sub assembly". We have many types to choose from, but the Cartec Grade 100 Sub Assemblies are the best-priced option, and are still a high-quality product coming from Italy. If you need a USA-made sub assembly, check out the Crosby A-1345N Grade 100 Sub Assemblies, which have a distinctive platinum color.

Other Types of Links
We also offer master link assemblies that contain adjusters, such as the Crosby A-1362 Double Eliminator or the Gunnebo GrabiQ MGD. These assemblies are great for building adjustable 2-leg chain slings. If you want something similar to build a 4-leg chain sling, then check out the Pewag VXK-4 Master Links.

Aside from master links rated for use with chain slings, we offer a host of other links on this page, including round rings and pear links in various grades of steel. If you need help selecting the proper link, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.