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Crosby HR-1200UNC Side Pull Hoist Rings

Crosby HR-1200UNC Side Pull Hoist Rings
Just as their name implies, these hoist rings are made for side-loading. They are easy to rig too, because they are made to work with standard screw pin anchor shackles, such as the Crosby G-209 Screw Pin Shackles. Lift up to 90º angles and still achieve the full 100% Working Load Limit of the ring. They are individually proof-tested to 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit. Made from forged steel with a Yellow Chromate finish, and each hoist ring is RFID equipped.

MPNSizeWLL (lbs)Overall WidthThreadApprox. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
10677005/16"-186501.93"0.59"0.35As low as: $122.70
10677043/8"-168001.93"0.59"0.36As low as: $122.70
10677081/2"-132,0002.97"0.71"1.4As low as: $146.80
10677121/2"-132,0002.97"1.21"1.4As low as: $146.80
10677165/8"-113,0002.97"0.71"1.5As low as: $205.00
10677205/8"-113,0002.97"1.46"1.5As low as: $205.00
10677243/4"-105,0004.32"0.90"4.5As low as: $359.00
10677283/4"-105,0004.32"1.65"4.6As low as: $359.00
10677327/8"-96,5004.32"0.90"4.6As low as: $401.00
10677367/8"-96,5004.32"1.65"4.8As low as: $407.00
10677401"-88,0004.32"1.15"4.8As low as: $489.00
10677441"-88,0004.32"2.15"5As low as: $489.00
10677481-1/4"-714,0005.59"2.22"10.2As low as: $794.00
10677561-1/2"-617,2007.31"2.98"23.5As low as: $873.00
10677642"-4-1/229,0007.31"2.98"25.3As low as: $1,037.00
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