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Crosby SS-125M Metric Stainless Steel Swivel Hoist Rings

Crosby SS-125M Metric Stainless Steel Swivel Hoist Rings
For use in corrosive or food-handling environments, these hoist rings function just like the more common HR-125M Metric Hoist Ring series, except they're made from 316 stainless steel. Available in capacities from 200 - 6,750 kg and thread diameters from M8 - M48 (larger sizes available upon request). Rated at 100% at 90º. Each hoist ring is proof-tested to 2 times the Working Load limit with certification. They are fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit. Each hoist ring also has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for complete material traceability. Top of washer is color-coded silver to quickly identify metric threads.

MPNSizeFrame SizeWLL (kg)Overall WidthInside LengthThreadBail SizeApprox. Weight (kg)PriceQuantity
1065203M8120047.00 mm32.00 mm13.00 mm8.50 mm0.17As low as: $353.00
1065207M10125047.00 mm30.00 mm18.00 mm8.50 mm0.17As low as: $348.00
1065211M12252589.00 mm60.00 mm19.00 mm17.50 mm1.1As low as: $467.00
1065215M16295089.00 mm56.00 mm29.00 mm17.50 mm1.1As low as: $460.00
1065219M2021,07589.00 mm52.00 mm34.00 mm17.50 mm1.2As low as: $460.00
1065223M2031,500131.00 mm78.00 mm32.00 mm25.00 mm3As low as: $745.00
1065227M2432,100131.00 mm74.00 mm37.00 mm25.00 mm3.1As low as: $760.00
1065231M3032,100131.00 mm108.00 mm58.00 mm25.00 mm3.1As low as: $745.00
1065235M3043,500165.00 mm106.00 mm42.00 mm31.00 mm6.3As low as: $1,314.00
1065239M3043,500165.00 mm106.00 mm62.00 mm31.00 mm6.4As low as: $1,288.00
1065243M3655,500217.00 mm160.00 mm64.00 mm43.00 mm15.5As low as: $1,996.00
1065247M4256,250217.00 mm154.00 mm82.00 mm43.00 mm16As low as: $1,957.00
1065251M4856,750217.00 mm204.00 mm82.00 mm43.00 mm16.8As low as: $2,055.00
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