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Crosby SS-125UNC Stainless Steel Swivel Hoist Rings

Crosby SS-125UNC Stainless Steel Swivel Hoist Rings
For use in corrosive or food-handling environments, these hoist rings function just like the more common HR-125UNC Hoist Ring series, except they're made from 316 stainless steel. Available in capacities from 400 - 50,000 lbs and thread diameters from 5/16" - 3-1/2". Rated at 100% at 90º. Each hoist ring is proof-tested to 2 times the Working Load limit with certification. They are fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit. Each hoist ring also has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for complete material traceability. Top of washer is color-coded to quickly identify UNC threads.

MPNSizeFrame SizeWLL (lbs)Overall WidthInside LengthThreadBail SizeApprox. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
10650005/16"-1814001.84"1.27"0.29"0.34"0.3As low as: $335.00
10650045/16"-1814001.84"1.27"0.54"0.34"0.3As low as: $335.00
10650083/8"-1615001.84"1.27"0.54"0.34"0.3As low as: $335.00
10650161/2"-1321,2503.52"2.31"0.78"0.69"2.6As low as: $443.00
10650201/2"-1321,2503.52"2.31"1.03"0.69"2.6As low as: $443.00
10650241/2"-1321,2503.52"2.31"1.28"0.69"2.6As low as: $443.00
10650285/8"-1122,0003.52"2.31"0.78"0.69"2.6As low as: $443.00
10650325/8"-1122,0003.52"2.18"1.03"0.69"2.6As low as: $436.00
10650365/8"-1122,0003.52"2.18"1.28"0.69"2.6As low as: $443.00
10650403/4"-1022,5003.52"2.18"1.03"0.69"3As low as: $443.00
10650443/4"-1022,5003.52"2.06"1.53"0.69"3As low as: $443.00
10650483/4"-1033,5005.14"2.06"1.04"0.94"7As low as: $680.00
10650523/4"-1033,5005.14"3.06"1.54"0.94"7As low as: $680.00
10650567/8"-934,0005.14"2.93"1.04"0.94"7As low as: $680.00
10650607/8"-934,0005.14"2.93"1.29"0.94"7As low as: $670.00
10650641"-835,0005.14"2.81"1.29"0.94"7.5As low as: $680.00
10650681"-835,0005.14"2.81"1.54"0.94"7.5As low as: $680.00
10650721"-835,0005.14"2.81"2.29"0.94"7.5As low as: $680.00
10650801-1/4"-747,5006.50"4.12"1.89"1.25"14As low as: $1,250.00
10650841-1/2"-6512,0008.55"6.41"2.70"1.75"34As low as: $1,791.00
10650882"-4-1/2515,0008.55"5.91"2.96"1.75"36As low as: $1,848.00
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