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Crosby HR-1000UNC Swivel Hoist Rings

Crosby HR-1000UNC Swivel Hoist Rings
Even beefier than the standard HR-125UNC line of hoist rings, Crosby makes the HR-1000UNC series specifically for heavy lifts. You still get the full 180º pivot and 360º swivel action, but the bail is made from forged alloy steel and reinforced with a cross member. The bail also has a more generous throat opening than the common HR-125UNC hoist ring. The top washer has the Working Load Limit and recommended torque value permanently stamped into it, and is color-coded red to indicate metric threads. All hoist rings are proof-tested to 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit.

MPNSizeFrame SizeWLL (lbs)Overall WidthInside LengthThreadBail SizeApprox. Weight (lbs)PriceQuantity
10680025/16"-1818002.27"1.38"0.52"0.44"0.6As low as: $95.20
10680063/8"-1611,0002.27"1.38"0.52"0.44"0.62As low as: $95.20
10680101/2"-1322,5004.20"2.50"0.69"0.62"3.05As low as: $119.20
10680141/2"-1322,5004.20"2.50"1.19"0.62"3.07As low as: $119.20
10680185/8"-1124,0004.20"2.50"0.69"0.62"3.11As low as: $119.20
10680225/8"-1124,0004.20"2.50"1.44"0.62"3.18As low as: $119.20
10680263/4"-1025,0004.20"2.50"0.94"0.62"3.24As low as: $119.20
10680303/4"-1025,0004.20"2.50"1.44"0.62"3.3As low as: $119.20
10680343/4"-1037,0006.25"3.25"0.85"1.00"10.09As low as: $267.00
10680383/4"-1037,0006.25"3.25"1.35"1.00"10.21As low as: $267.00
10680427/8"-938,0006.24"3.25"0.85"1.00"10.21As low as: $267.00
10680467/8"-938,0006.24"3.25"1.35"1.00"10.4As low as: $267.00
10680501"-8310,0006.24"3.25"1.35"1.00"10.5As low as: $275.00
10680541"-8310,0006.24"3.25"2.35"1.00"10.72As low as: $275.00
10680581-1/4"-7415,0007.82"4.00"2.09"1.25"21.9As low as: $412.00
10680621-1/2"-6424,0007.82"4.00"2.59"1.25"23As low as: $470.00
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