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Crosby HG-4037 Turnbuckle Eye End Fittings

Crosby HG-4037 Turnbuckle Eye End Fittings
Often times our customers need just the end fittings out of turnbuckles, and Crosby does offer them. These eye fittings are Quenched and Tempered or normalized. The eyes are forged elongated, by design, to maximize easy attachment in system and minimize stress in the eye. Available in left or right hand threads. Hot-dip galvanized with modified UNJ threads. Safety factor of 5:1.

MPNModelSizeWLL (lbs)Overall LengthInside EyeThreadWeight (lbs)PriceQuantity
1071057HG-4037 (RH)1/4" x 4"5004.19"0.34"W x 0.81"L2.59"0.07
1071075HG-4037 (RH)5/16" x 4-1/2"8004.99"0.44"W x 0.95"L3.00"0.13
1071093HG-4037 (RH)3/8" x 6"1,2006.12"0.53"W x 1.13"L3.88"0.23
1071119HG-4037 (RH)1/2" x 6"2,2007.41"0.71"W x 1.41"L4.19"0.51
1071137HG-4037 (RH)1/2" x 9"2,2008.91"0.71"W x 1.41"L5.69"0.59
1071155HG-4037 (RH)1/2" x 12"2,20010.41"0.71"W x 1.41"L7.19"0.68
1071173HG-4037 (RH)5/8" x 6"3,5008.36"0.88"W x 1.80"L4.44"0.82
1071217HG-4037 (RH)5/8" x 12"3,50011.36"0.88"W x 1.80"L7.44"1.08
1071235HG-4037 (RH)3/4" x 6"5,2009.25"1.00"W x 2.09"L4.56"1.36
1071253HG-4037 (RH)3/4" x 9"5,20010.75"1.00"W x 2.09"L6.06"1.55
1071271HG-4037 (RH)3/4" x 12"5,20012.25"1.00"W x 2.09"L7.56"1.73
1071299HG-4037 (RH)3/4" x 18"5,20015.25"1.00"W x 2.09"L10.56"2.1
1071315HG-4037 (RH)7/8" x 12"7,20013.10"1.25"W x 2.38"L7.81"2.61
1071333HG-4037 (RH)7/8" x 18"7,20016.10"1.25"W x 2.38"L10.81"3.12
1071351HG-4037 (RH)1" x 6"10,00011.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L5.06"3.15
1071379HG-4037 (RH)1" x 12"10,00014.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L8.06"3.81
1071397HG-4037 (RH)1" x 18"10,00017.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L11.06"4.48
1071413HG-4037 (RH)1" x 24"10,00020.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L14.06"5.15
1071431HG-4037 (RH)1-1/4" x 12"15,20016.19"1.82"W x 3.59"L8.38"7.07
1071459HG-4037 (RH)1-1/4" x 18"15,20019.19"1.82"W x 3.59"L11.38"8.12
1071477HG-4037 (RH)1-1/4" x 24"15,20022.19"1.82"W x 3.59"L14.38"9.16
1071495HG-4037 (RH)1-1/2" x 12"21,40017.37"2.12"W x 4.09"L8.75"10.3
1071510HG-4037 (RH)1-1/2" x 18"21,40020.37"2.12"W x 4.09"L11.75"11.8
1071538HG-4037 (RH)1-1/2" x 24"21,40023.37"2.12"W x 4.09"L14.75"13.3
1071574HG-4037 (RH)1-3/4" x 18"28,00021.19"2.38"W x 4.65"L12.16"17.5
1071592HG-4037 (RH)1-3/4" x 24"28,00024.19"2.38"W x 4.65"L15.16"19.5
1071618HG-4037 (RH)2" x 24"37,00027.59"2.69"W x 5.81"L15.59"28.9
1071636HG-4037 (RH)2-1/2" x 24"60,00029.59"3.12"W x 6.50"L17.56"46.4
1071654HG-4037 (RH)2-3/4" x 24"75,00030.92"3.25"W x 7.00"L17.69"60.2
1071672HG-4037 (LH)1/4" x 4"5004.19"0.34"W x 0.81"L2.59"0.07
1071690HG-4037 (LH)5/16" x 4-1/2"8004.99"0.44"W x 0.95"L3.00"0.13
1071716HG-4037 (LH)3/8" x 6"1,2006.12"0.53"W x 1.13"L3.88"0.23
1071734HG-4037 (LH)1/2" x 6"2,2007.41"0.71"W x 1.41"L4.19"0.51
1071752HG-4037 (LH)1/2" x 9"2,2008.91"0.71"W x 1.41"L5.69"0.59
1071770HG-4037 (LH)1/2" x 12"2,20010.41"0.71"W x 1.41"L7.19"0.68
1071798HG-4037 (LH)5/8" x 6"3,5008.36"0.88"W x 1.80"L4.44"0.82
1071832HG-4037 (LH)5/8" x 12"3,50011.36"0.88"W x 1.80"L7.44"1.08
1071850HG-4037 (LH)3/4" x 6"5,2009.25"1.00"W x 2.09"L4.56"1.36
1071878HG-4037 (LH)3/4" x 9"5,20010.75"1.00"W x 2.09"L6.06"1.55
1071896HG-4037 (LH)3/4" x 12"5,20012.25"1.00"W x 2.09"L7.56"1.73
1071912HG-4037 (LH)3/4" x 18"5,20015.25"1.00"W x 2.09"L10.56"2.1
1071930HG-4037 (LH)7/8" x 12"7,20013.10"1.25"W x 2.38"L7.81"2.61
1071958HG-4037 (LH)7/8" x 18"7,20016.10"1.25"W x 2.38"L10.81"3.12
1071976HG-4037 (LH)1" x 6"10,00011.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L5.06"3.15
1071994HG-4037 (LH)1" x 12"10,00014.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L8.06"3.81
1072010HG-4037 (LH)1" x 18"10,00017.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L11.06"4.48
1072038HG-4037 (LH)1" x 24"10,00020.00"1.43"W x 3.00"L14.06"5.15
1072056HG-4037 (LH)1-1/4" x 12"15,20016.19"1.82"W x 3.59"L8.38"7.07
1072074HG-4037 (LH)1-1/4" x 18"15,20019.19"1.82"W x 3.59"L11.38"8.12
1072092HG-4037 (LH)1-1/4" x 24"15,20022.19"1.82"W x 3.59"L14.38"9.16
1072118HG-4037 (LH)1-1/2" x 12"21,40017.37"2.12"W x 4.09"L8.75"10.3
1072136HG-4037 (LH)1-1/2" x 18"21,40020.37"2.12"W x 4.09"L11.75"11.8
1072154HG-4037 (LH)1-1/2" x 24"21,40023.37"2.12"W x 4.09"L14.75"13.3
1072190HG-4037 (LH)1-3/4" x 18"28,00021.19"2.38"W x 4.65"L12.16"17.5
1072216HG-4037 (LH)1-3/4" x 24"28,00024.19"2.38"W x 4.65"L15.16"19.5
1072234HG-4037 (LH)2" x 24"37,00027.59"2.69"W x 5.81"L15.59"28.9
1072252HG-4037 (LH)2-1/2" x 24"60,00029.59"3.12"W x 6.50"L17.56"46.4
1072270HG-4037 (LH)2-3/4" x 24"75,00030.92"3.25"W x 7.00"L17.69"60.2
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