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Imported Eye & Eye Turnbuckles

Imported Eye & Eye Turnbuckles
These forged steel turnbuckles feature a tapered eye fitting on each end. They satisfy Federal Specification FF-T-791b, Type 1, Form 1, Class 4. They are made from C1035 steel with a heavy hex body and they offer a 5:1 safety factor.

Item #SizeWLL (lbs)Inside EyeTake UpApprox. Weight (lbs)QuantityPrice
IMP-TBEE014X41/4" x 4"5000.34"W x 0.78"L4.00"0.3
IMP-TBEE516X4125/16" x 4-1/2"8000.44"W x 0.94"L4.50"0.47
IMP-TBEE038X63/8" x 6"1,2000.53"W x 1.12"L6.00"0.75
IMP-TBEE012X61/2" x 6"2,2000.72"W x 1.44"L6.00"1.6
IMP-TBEE012X91/2" x 9"2,2000.72"W x 1.44"L9.00"1.83
IMP-TBEE012X121/2" x 12"2,2000.72"W x 1.44"L12.00"2.08
IMP-TBEE058X65/8" x 6"3,5000.88"W x 1.75"L6.00"2.75
IMP-TBEE058X95/8" x 9"3,5000.88"W x 1.75"L9.00"3.13
IMP-TBEE058X125/8" x 12"3,5000.88"W x 1.75"L12.00"3.5
IMP-TBEE034X63/4" x 6"5,2001.00"W x 2.09"L6.00"3.89
IMP-TBEE034X93/4" x 9"5,2001.00"W x 2.09"L9.00"4.61
IMP-TBEE034X123/4" x 12"5,2001.00"W x 2.09"L12.00"5.43
IMP-TBEE034X183/4" x 18"5,2001.00"W x 2.09"L18.00"7.25
IMP-TBEE078X127/8" x 12"7,2001.25"W x 2.38"L12.00"8.1
IMP-TBEE078X187/8" x 18"7,2001.25"W x 2.38"L18.00"9.95
IMP-TBEE1X61" x 6"10,0001.44"W x 3.00"L6.00"9.33
IMP-TBEE1X121" x 12"10,0001.44"W x 3.00"L12.00"11.93
IMP-TBEE1X181" x 18"10,0001.44"W x 3.00"L18.00"14
IMP-TBEE1X241" x 24"10,0001.44"W x 3.00"L24.00"17.25
IMP-TBEE114X121-1/4" x 12"15,2001.81"W x 3.56"L12.00"19
IMP-TBEE114X181-1/4" x 18"15,2001.81"W x 3.56"L18.00"23
IMP-TBEE114X241-1/4" x 24"15,2001.81"W x 3.56"L24.00"27
IMP-TBEE112X121-1/2" x 12"21,4002.12"W x 4.06"L12.00"27.5
IMP-TBEE112X181-1/2" x 18"21,4002.12"W x 4.06"L18.00"31
IMP-TBEE112X241-1/2" x 24"21,4002.12"W x 4.06"L24.00"37.5
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