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What is a Turnbuckle?
A turnbuckle is essentially a pair of threaded eye bolts connected with a central body. The end fittings thread into the body frame and are fully adjustable. Turnbuckles are used to provide tension or take up slack, and are commonly used in conjunction with different kinds of Wire Rope.

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Imported Turnbuckles for Greatest Economy
The pricing between imported and domestic, name-brand turnbuckles really is not close. We work closely with limited suppliers, and typically buy our imported turnbuckles from the same two mills to ensure we can provide a quality product, even at a reduced price. Among the imported turnbuckles we offer, the two most common types are Eye & Eye or Jaw & Jaw. They are made from forged steel and meet the same general specifications and requirements as our domestic turnbuckles.

Domestic Turnbuckles for Highest Quality
In the rigging world, domestic product--that made in the U.S.A.--is regarded as being the highest-quality, safest gear you can buy. To that end, we offer domestic turnbuckles from both Chicago and Crosby. While Crosby has the bigger name and bigger market share, we find that for many customers Chicago turnbuckles make the most sense (the exception is on larger sizes, as Chicago only makes turnbuckles up to 1" in size while Crosby makes much larger turnbuckles for big jobs). They satisfy the same general specifications, yet are priced more affordably. One difference with Chicago is on their Round Eye & Eye Turnbuckles. Whereas most turnbuckles eyes have a tear drop shape to them, Chicago uses truly round eyes. The benefit is they seat very well against round shackle pins. Chicago's Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles are more or less the same as others on the market in terms of design.