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3-Strand Rope

Simple is Good
3-strand ropes are the simplest ropes we sell. They are cost-effective to make, easy to splice and they are good for a variety of chores. Although they lack some of the performance characteristics associated with more modern, high-tech ropes, they make up for it with affordability and generally ample inventory to choose from. We offer a variety of fibers here, including traditional ropes such as Manila and newer ropes like Blue Steel. All ropes are available in several different sizes with different strengths. Most ropes come standard on 600ft reels, and we cut to length as requested by our customers.

The Most Popular 3-Strand Ropes
We sell more Blue Steel than any other 3-strand rope we offer. It is affordable, has a higher strength than traditional Yellow Polypropylene Rope and holds up well in the elements. Next in line would be a close call between Manila and PolyDac Combo Rope. Whereas Manila is a natural fiber product, it offers weak resistance to chemicals and may rot if left outdoors. But, Manila has low stretch and offers excellent resistance to abrasion. PolyDac is a hybrid rope comprised of polyester and polypropylene (hence the "combo" name). It offers good overall strength, low stretch, good resistance to most chemicals and better weathering characteristics.

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