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Nylon Solid Braid Rope

Nylon Solid Braid Rope
Solid braid nylon is an extremely soft and lightweight product. It's a great general purpose rope, popular for camping, hiking and light-duty load securement. It is resistant to rot and mildew, and holds up well to petroleum products and common chemicals. It has good shock-absorbing properties, meaning it can withstand the strain applied by shock loads. The solid construction tends to stay round and runs well though pulley systems. It is also easy to knot / tie as needed. Available in five sizes from 1/8" - 3/8", either by the foot or in pre-cut lengths. Choose from white or black (select colors only).

Item #Rope SizeColorBreaking Strength (lbs)Approx. Weight / 100 ft (lbs)Price PerQuantityPrice
CWC-018SBNX2501/8"White5750.5250 ft
CWC-018SBNX5001/8"White5750.5500 ft
CWC-018SBNX10001/8"White5750.51000 ft Spool
CWC-018SBNX250-BLK1/8"Black5750.5250 ft
CWC-018SBNX500-BLK1/8"Black5750.5500 ft
CWC-018SBNX1000-BLK1/8"Black5750.51000 ft Spool
CWC-316SBNX2503/16"White8250.9250 ft
CWC-316SBNX5003/16"White8250.9500 ft
CWC-316SBNX10003/16"White8250.91000 ft Spool
CWC-316SBNX250-BLK3/16"Black8250.9250 ft
CWC-316SBNX500-BLK3/16"Black8250.9500 ft
CWC-316SBNX1000-BLK3/16"Black8250.91000 ft Spool
CWC-014SBNX2501/4"White1,3251.5250 ft
CWC-014SBNX5001/4"White1,3251.5500 ft
CWC-014SBNX10001/4"White1,3251.51000 ft Spool
CWC-516SBNX2505/16"White1,9252.6250 ft
CWC-516SBNX5005/16"White1,9252.6500 ft
CWC-516SBNX10005/16"White1,9252.61000 ft Spool
CWC-038SBNX2503/8"White2,8003.9250 ft
CWC-038SBNX5003/8"White2,8003.9500 ft
CWC-038SBNX10003/8"White2,8003.91000 ft Spool
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