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Rigging Rope


Double Esterlon: Of all the double braid ropes we offer, we have been selling Yale's Double Esterlon the longest. It's a flagship rigging rope, made from high tenacity, premium-grade polyester. It offers good dynamic properties and a tough sleeve for resistance to abrasion. All sizes include Yale's Maxijacket urethane coating, and each size has a unique color code for easy identification in the field.

Matador Bull Rope: In the past couple of years, sales have really picked up for Pelican's "Matador" rigging rope (you can use the terms "bull rope" and "rigging rope" interchangeably). It is constructed of a polyester sleeve over a nylon core, giving it serious dynamic stretch, meaning it can tolerate shock loads very well. Similar to Double Esterlon, this rope is color-coded for size. The smallest size we offer is 1/2", which is green, and it's our most popular seller of 2017!

Ultrex UHMWPE: The strongest rope we offer is Ultrex--period! It is hands down the best you can buy in terms of tensile strength. Bear in mind this rope is recommended for static operations, and does not have the dynamic properties of the two double braid ropes mentioned above. Ultrex is a 12-strand single braid made of Honeywell Spectra fiber, and finished with a Maxijacket coating. It is stronger than standard wire rope on a size-for-size basis, floats on water and will not freeze. Commonly used for guying applications, as well as winching (can be made into slings as well). Many of our customers know this as "logger rope" because it has been used by many loggers in lieu of wire rope in common logging applications.

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