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We offer a solid lineup of work apparel, much of which is hi-vis because so many of our customers need apparel that meets local, state or even federal requirements for visibility. We also offer garments that are not hi-vis, but still are popular on the jobsite, in the shop, etc.

One of our most popular safety vests is the New ERB Deluxe Surveyor Vest. It's a nice, high-quality vest with a ton of pockets--the fit and finish is clearly above more common vests at bargain basement prices. One step up from this vest is the Ergodyne Heavy-Duty Surveyor Vest. It's made with a solid front and mesh back for breathability, which is a great combination of comfort and durability. The quality of this vest really speaks for itself.

While many of our garments below are rated as waterproof, we only have a few options when it comes to true rain gear. Our most popular option the last year or two has been the Viking Journeyman Jacket and Viking Journeyman Pants. Made from tough 420-denier material, this rain suit is tough enough for most jobs, yet looks professional and modern if you're out surveying or bidding jobs. Honestly, you can wear the jacket with a pair of jeans and not really look like you're wearing industrial rain gear. For our logging customers, we recommend our Black Iron Jacket and Black Iron Pants. This is tough gear that really holds up to rugged use, and is more or less the rain gear of choice for loggers here in the Pacific Northwest.