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Boots / Footwear

You only get one pair of feet, and you're probably on them all day long. So take care of them! Keep them dry, comfortable and safe. We have some good boot and foot traction options for you at very affordable prices. Choose from yellow slusher "overshoe" boots (you can slip them on and off right over your regular shoes / boots), black PVC "over-the-sock" boots that are 100% waterproof (choose from plain toe or steel toe) or chainsaw boots with caulks (aka corks). The Viking VW65 Chainsaw Boots are a best-seller for us. The feature Class 2 chainsaw protection, durable construction and a caulked / spiked sole for traction in the woods. And when the weather turns cold, we know some of you live with ice and snow for several months at a time. When that's the case, traction is key. The Ergodyne 6300 Trex Ice Shoes combine stretchable rubber with durable steel studs to keep you sure-footed all winter long.

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