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Now Offering Hoffman Logging Calks
Hoffman is one of the foremost boot manufacturers for loggers, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. They have a lot of options, and we keep a few of the most popular in stock. The Danner Pronghorn 8" Calk Logger Boot is a very popular, affordable option. It's a hiker-style boot with calks installed by Hoffman. A more traditional, heavy leather boot is the Hoffman 10" Faller II Calk Logger Boot. It features a waterproof Sympatec liner, triple-stitched upper, replaceable calk molded sole with a cushion insole for added comfort. But their most popular boot right now--by far--is the Hoffman 8" Armor Pro Calk Logger Boot. It is a hiker-style boot, similar to the Pronghorn, but is treated with a "stark" finish over the leather that helps make it cut resistant and adds to the waterproofness of the boot. To imagine what the stark finish feels or looks like, imagine your favorite spray-in truck bed liner. To us, it's very similar to that. This boot is also comfort-driven with the a cushioned insole and padding around the ankle. With calks installed, it makes a great boot for all sorts of rugged logging terrains, and it already a big hit here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Viking VW65 Chainsaw Boots are a best-seller for us. The feature Class 2 chainsaw protection, durable construction and a calked sole for traction in the woods.

We also have some good general boot and foot traction options for you at very affordable prices, including yellow slusher "overshoe" boots (you can slip them on and off right over your regular shoes / boots) and black PVC "over-the-sock" boots that are 100% waterproof (choose from plain toe or steel toe). And when the weather turns cold, we know some of you live with ice and snow for several months at a time. When that's the case, traction is key. The Ergodyne 6300 Trex Ice Shoes combine stretchable rubber with durable steel studs to keep you sure-footed all winter long.