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Fire Extinguishers

Kidde Pro Line
The Kidde Pro Line offers tremendous value and is our #1 selling brand of fire extinguishers. They feature durable aluminum and/or brass valve assemblies and metal handles and levers and are rechargeable. Cylinders are manufactured from either aluminum or steel. The PRO 5 MP Fire Extinguisher (5 lbs ABC) model meets or exceed the minimum extinguisher requirements for Class A & B light and ordinary hazard occupancy as recommended by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). The 10 and 20 lbs ABC dry chemical models meet or exceed code for Class A & B extra hazard occupancy. We also offer a range of brackets for Kidde fire extinguishers, including both Economical Vehicle Brackets or Heavy-Duty Vehicle Brackets for mounting to industrial equipment.

The Badger Standard multipurpose dry chemical line of fire extinguishers are economical and extremely versatile, and quite popular here in the Pacific Northwest. We have many customers currently using the 5MB-6H 5 lbs ABC Fire Extinguisher, which comes complete with a vehicle mounting bracket. They are ideal for tackling the majority of fire risks typically found in commercial and domestic applications. Badger dry chemical extinguishing agent formulations contain the highest percentage of essential base ingredients found in the fire extinguisher industry. “Multipurpose” agent models are suitable for use on Class A, B and C fires. Badger Standard models offer compliance and protection at a competitive price.