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Hard Hats

Popular Models
For everyday value, it's hard to beat the ERB Omega II Full Brim Hard Hat, offered in a variety of colors. Considering it's made in the USA, features a comfortable 6-point suspension with a brow pad and has a brim large enough to help shield you from the elements, this hard hat really is hard to beat. Still, people have their favorites, and the MSA V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hat is one of them. These hats feature a very popular design/profile. They are lightweight and feature a 4-point ratcheting suspension that was recently redesigned to be even more comfortable. But for our logging customers here in the Pacific Northwest, the most popular hard hat remains the Skull Bucket Aluminum Full Brim Hard Hat. The Skull Bucket brand has been revived and is thriving now more than ever. Their hats feature great suspensions and we stock them in three different colors.

For the wood cutter, we also offer several forestry systems complete with face shields and ear muffs. One of the newest and most popular options is the Rockman Forest Ranger Safety Helmet Kit with its patented CrashBox suspension and safety system. To envision how this safety system works, Rockman encourages you to picture the function of "crumple zones" on modern vehicles (see the Video tab for more information). The helmet uses a combination of rods and pipes, which compress into one another and deform upon impact, directing energy and force into the helmet itself, instead of onto your head.

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