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Hearing Protection

You only get one set of ears, so taking simple preventative measures like wearing hearing protection--whether it's ear plugs or ear muffs--can help to ensure your ears work like they should as you grow older. We offer a good variety of hearing protection products to meet your unique needs.

For simple ear plugs, the 3M E-A-R Classic Ear Plugs are a crowd favorite with their traditional shape and solid performance. Also popular are the Elvex Uni-Fit Ear Plugs (also available in a corded version here).

And if you want ear muffs, we have both headband and helmet (aka cap mount) styles to choose from. The Elvex Ultrasonic HB-650 Ear Muffs perform at a solid 29 dB NRR yet they don't break the bank. For those wearing cap-style hard hats or climbing helmets, check out the Peltor H10P3E Helmet Ear Muffs. Their universal mounting brackets help them to fit with most hard hats, and they perform at an impressive 27 dB NRR.