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Hearing Protection

Can You Hear Me Now?
Hearing protection matters. You only get one set of ears and you don't want to be the guy or gal constantly saying "What?" every time you're brought into a conversation. To help you keep your hearing in tip-top condition, we have several popular brands and models of ear plugs and ear muffs to choose from. Generally speaking, the higher the NRR rating, the more protection you get, and the more expensive the price.

Popular Ear Plugs
Uncorded Laser Lite Ear Plugs are definitely some of the most popular ear plugs we sell. In part, it's the colorful design, because those that use them know from a distance that it's their ear plug of choice. They are also quite comfortable, and offer an NRR of 32 dB. You can also get them in a corded version, #HL-LL-30, if you plan to take them in and out often during the day, which means you can drape them around your neck and not set them down on a dirty shop bench, etc. Also very popular are the 3M E-A-R Classic Foam Ear Plugs, which have a traditional oval shape, yet are still made from comfortable, low-pressure foam. They carry an NRR rating of 29 dB, which isn't the highest, but is suitable for many common environments. Lastly, we offer reusable ear plugs, including the Elvex Banded Gel-Pods. They only carry an NRR rating 18 dB, which is low by comparison to other common foam ear plugs. But while they lack a high NRR score, they offer tremendous convenience for the wearer, and you can buy them by the pair for a low price.

Popular Ear Muffs
And if you want ear muffs, we have both headband and helmet (aka cap mount) styles to choose from. The Elvex Ultrasonic HB-650 Ear Muffs perform at a solid 29 dB NRR yet they don't break the bank. For those wearing cap-style hard hats or climbing helmets, check out the Peltor H10P3E Helmet Ear Muffs. Their universal mounting brackets help them to fit with most hard hats, and they perform at an impressive 27 dB NRR.