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Worker Safety

Keeping your employees safe isn't just the right thing to do, it's also the law. The products on this page aim to keep workers safe, hydrated and comfortable while on the job. For example, our Ergodyne 1051 Back Brace is affordable, comfortable and very effective. In fact, we use it in our shops and find it provides great support for the lower back and core. Also quite popular are our Rebar Impalement Caps, which provide more than just scrape protection--they are designed to help protect workers from becoming impaled on exposed rebar.

Stay Hydrated
In warmer climates, and especially in the summer months, staying hydrated is critical. We offer a simple yet perfect mix of hydration products to keep your workers safe when the temperature is up. We sell a lot of the Rubbermaid 5 Gallon Coolers, and most of our customers prefer to add liquid Sqwincher to create a tasty, electrolyte boosting hydration source to their jobsite. We offer three different flavors, as well as key accessories like cups, dispensers and mounting brackets for vehicles or equipment.

Ergodyne 1051 ProFlex Mesh Back BraceErgodyne 1051 ProFlex Mesh Back Brace
Ergodyne 300 ProFlex Rounded Cap Knee Pad
Ergodyne 350 ProFlex Gel Foam Knee Pad
Ergodyne 380 ProFlex Foam Kneeling Pad
ERB DSC10 Rebar Impalement Cap 25-Pack
ERB ERB10 Rebar Cap 100-Pack
Kidde 2-Story 13 ft Fire Escape Ladder
Brady Prinzing Economy Lockout Center
Brady "Danger: Do Not Operate Equipment" Tag 25-Pack
Brady Red Lockout Padlock
Brady Red Lockout Padlock
Brady Yellow Lockout Hasp - 1" Jaw
Rubbermaid Orange 5 Gallon Water Cooler
Rubbermaid 7 oz Cup Dispenser for Water Cooler
Solo 7 oz Paper Water Cups 250-Pack
Igloo Heavy-Duty Metal Cooler Bracket
Sqwincher 64 oz Lemon Lime Concentrate
Sqwincher 64 oz Mixed Berry Concentrate
Sqwincher 64 oz Grape Concentrate
Ergodyne 6710 Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Triangle Hat - Stars & Stripes
Ergodyne 6000 SHAX Heavy-Duty Pop Up Tent - LimeErgodyne 6000 SHAX Heavy-Duty Pop Up Tent - Lime




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