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In-House Fabrication
  • Wire Rope Splicing
  • Wire Rope Swaging
  • Spelter Poured Sockets
  • Chain Slings
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Synthetic Rope Splicing
Cutting Wire Rope
Cutting Wire Rope

We stock 1/16 1-3/8 wire rope (larger sizes available upon request) and we can cut it to any length you need. We buy in bulk so you have the most options possible (most reels are 5,000 ft or longer from the factory). We fabricate to your specifications, whether we are installing swage fittings or splicing eyes. We have three presses that reach up to 500T and accommodate up to 1-1/2 wire rope. We also have fittings for installation in the field, such as wedge sockets and Quick Nub ferrules. We can also sell or rent you hydraulic swagers so you can install swage fittings in the field, such as threaded studs, sleeves, stops and more. We also do spelter work in house, meaning we take molten zinc and pour it into end fittings to form a permanent bond with the wire rope (this creates the strongest possible termination).

We build slings daily, and we can certainly make high-quality, proper rigging slings for your job. Whether you need single or multi-leg sling bridles, we stock the necessary rigging in bulk to assemble the sling you need. No job is too big or too small.

We also splice soft rope in house, including 3-strand, single braid and double braid products. We represent fine manufacturers like Yale Cordage, Pelican Rope Works and Continental Western.

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