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3M is Now an Industry Leader!
When you’re working at great heights on a daily basis, there’s nothing more important than your safety, which is why we have a large selection of high quality gear by DBI Sala & Protecta (formerly under the Capital Safety brand, now part of 3M).

Our wide selection of gear includes their super-popular harnesses, like the DBI Sala ExoFit NEX Construction Harness. This harness is regarded as one of the most comfortable, durable and innovative harnesses on the market today.

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All 3M fall arrest equipment is tested to withstand the toughest projects. Shock Absorbing Lanyards--from both DBI Sala & Protecta brands--provide maximum durability and the performance you need to complete the job safely. Their #1244409 ShockWave2 Shock-Absorbing Y Lanyard is one of the most popular on the market with tower climbers, thanks to its large aluminum rebar hooks that facilitate easier 100% tie-off. Their SRL devices are also second-to-none, and many are quite affordable. One of their best-selling models is the #3100431 Rebel 20 ft Web SRL. This unit works well in warm climates, or most indoor areas where the webbing is not exposed to sharp edges or excessive moisture.