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All Gear

All Gear
A Company That Innovates for Today's Arborist
All Gear is a great company, with leadership that is genuinely interested in bringing new, exciting products to the arborist and utility markets. We have been working with them for several years now, and we primarily offer their throw lines fabricated products. For example, they offer a 3 - 6 ft Adjustable Lanyard and a 4 - 8 ft Adjustable Lanyard, both made of 1/2" rope (distinguishable as they are two different colors). We sell a lot of these into the arborist and tower climbing markets. They are simple but work very well for positioning. We also offer their throw lines, which are some of the most popular in the arborist market. 2.5 mm x 180 ft Bull's Eye is a popular choice because it is still considered a premium throw line, yet at a lower price, since it's a blend of Dyneema and Polyethylene. One step up from that is 1.75 mm x 180 ft Jet Set, which is a pure Dyneema product and our best-selling throw line overall.

Chafe Sleeve for Ropes and Chain
We keep All Gear's assortment of chafe sleeve in stock, which is usually paired with Ultrex Winch Lines or even more commonly, our Pewag Security Chain. But really you can use it on whatever rope, chain or cable it fits. Note, when buying 3/8" or 1/2" Pewag Security Chain, choose the largest 1-3/4" Chafe Sleeve.

All Gear Has Its Own Line of Ropes
Lastly, All Gear makes several types of climbing and rigging lines, most of which are exclusive to the All Gear brand. While we do not stock their ropes, we can certainly order them for you. If you have an All Gear rope you're looking for--such as Husky Braid, Cherry Bomb, Blue Craze or Safetylite--let us know and we are happy to order it for you.

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