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Buckingham--Perhaps the Most Legendary Brand of Climbing Spurs
We sell a lot of tree climbing spurs, and pole climbing spurs too. At least here in the Pacific Northwest, there is not a more recognized brand of spur than Buckingham. Customers simply trust the quality, and often relate stories of Buckingham spurs that have been handed down through multiple generations of climbers.

Options for Buying
We offer Buckingham Steel Tree Climbing Spurs all by themselves, which are popular because some customers already have pads and straps. For those that need a complete set, including the pads and straps, we have many options. One of the most popular "kits" is the Buckingham Steel Tree Climbing Spurs & T-Pads. T-Pads are more comfortable than simple L-Pads, and are generally considered a better buy because they cost only a few dollars more. A more premium kit, and one that is popular with our logging customers, is the Buckingham Steel Tree Climbing Spurs & Aluminum Pads. Aluminum pads are durable, with replaceable padding and their rigidity tends to offer better overall support for most climbers. No matter which set you buy, all of the spurs carry the same design, including a contoured shank for ankle relief and comfort and a screw style replaceable gaffs at a 23º angle.

Buckingham offers other great gear too, including climber belts and products for tree rigging. For example, their Port-A-Wraps are the most popular in the arboriculture industry, especially the Buckingham Large Black Port-A-Wrap for 3/4" Rope--it is rated with a 2000 lbs WLL. But if you need to do some seriously heavy lowering, then check out the Buckingham X-Large Nickel Port-A-Wrap for 7/8" Rope. It is rated 3x higher with an impressive 6000 lbs WLL, and a tough nickel-plated finish that lasts longer!