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Horizontal Lifelines

What is a Horizontal Lifeline?
A horizontal lifeline is a secure, simple and affordable way of securing workers that need to travel back and forth laterally. This comes into play often with rooftop work, steel erection, rail yards and RV servicing. When you install a horizontal lifeline, you give your workers more freedom of movement, so they can work more efficiently and quickly while always remaining tied off. Capital Safety offers a wide selection of horizontal lifeline kits, which are pre-engineered and meant to be installed quickly and easily (always make sure your anchor points are sufficiently strong). Keep in mind these systems are meant to be "temporary", meaning you do not install them and leave them in place permanently.

Types of Horizontal Lifelines
The most affordable--and most popular kit--is the Pro-Line 60 ft Web System. This kit essentially uses a familiar ratchet strap assembly with built-in carabiners and connector rings. An in-line shock absorber is also included. A step up from this is the Sayfline Rope System (60 ft is the most common length, but many other lengths are available too). You get a high-quality rope lifeline and upgraded gear all around. The same type of system is also available in cable for maximum durability.

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